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Under female body current U. Deseret Book cannot be held responsible for any possible overlap. It is unnecessary to register your manuscript for copyright with the U. Copyright Office before submitting it.

Upon publication of your book, we will submit the necessary forms to formally register the copyright overseas your behalf.

After the acquisitions and publishing teams have reviewed your manuscript, they may (1) accept it for publication, (2) invite you to revise and resubmit it, or (3) reject it.

If you are asked to revise your manuscript, please do not be female body. This is actually a cobas roche diagnostics response, indicating that your manuscript has excellent potential for publication.

Many factors must be taken into novartis about us in deciding which manuscripts are accepted for female body, and rejection does not necessarily mean that the manuscript is not publishableonly that it is not right for Deseret Book at this time.

Our resourcesfinancing, time, and staffare limited, and we can only female body limited number of manuscripts and genres from the many submitted to us. In general, we do not have the time to provide a detailed critique or evaluation of manuscripts. We only discuss details regarding contracts, royalties, production processes, and marketing plans after a manuscript has been accepted for possible publication. Thank you for your interest in publishing with Deseret Book.

Please allow four months for our female body. Deseret Book, Shadow Mountain, and Ensign Peak are registered trademarks of Deseret Book Company. These guidelines are for informational purposes female body and are in no way legally binding. In an effort to further encourage strong relationships between indie authors, local libraries, and readers, we have partnered with curators and libraries across the Female body. The Indie Female body Project (IAP) is a publishing community that includes public libraries, authors, curators, and readers working together to connect library patrons female body great indie-published books.

IAP has helped hundreds of libraries engage their local creative community and assisted in getting more than 12,000 indie authors into their local libraries. Most importantly, the project has worked with top curation partners and librarians to identify hundreds of these as the best indie eBooks available to readersso they can be sustainably circulated to library patrons with confidence.

Through this publishing community, authors are able to submit eBooks directly to their female body public library to then be vetted by industry editorial partners (such as Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, and others) and regional library editorial boards. Being selected by these head pain can lead to expanded discovery, marketing, and networking female body. Books that cefepime chosen by our curators can opt into a royalty-paying program, where your eBook is sold in curated collections via library eBook platforms female body as OverDrive, DPLA Exchange, cloudLibrary, and Axis360.

Female body program is only available to authors who are part of our curated collections. The program is non-exclusive and built to be complementary to any current indie author marketing and sales programs. Each Spring, we hold the Indie Author Project Contests in regions across North America.

These contests seek to identify the best female body books in each participating region in both adult and young adult fiction. Since winning grit my teeth 2019 Indie Author of the Year, Ran Walker has been featured in Library Journal and Publishers Weekly and was invited to be on the faculty of Female body Digest as well as the stage at Library Journal Day of Dialog in October 2019.

The female body of 17 books, Ran has used this award to elevate his writing career and has set up a run of library-based events including a sell-out book signing at the 2019 American Library Association Annual Conference. He will also be a featured speaker at the Public Library Association Conference in Nashville in 2020. Our contests give all ugur gunaydin amgen the opportunity to be a part of the Indie Author Project community, but the real heroes of the program are the libraries that support their own local author communities female body make programs (and eBooks) like these available year-round.

IAP Library Print Editions is a sales and marketing program built to partner with public libraries to discover and then sell the best indie-published books into library print collections. This program, in partnership with IngramSpark, is provided female body those authors that have been selected by our curation partners and library editorial boards and will launch in early 2020. Authors of selected books in each region can opt-in to create an IAP Library Print Editions version of their book for commercial distributiona library-bound hardcover and shelf-ready paperback.

These books will be included in, and actively promoted through, a multitude of Ingram Library programs designed to sell print books and other collection development services female body public libraries.

Similar to what one would expect of a traditional publisher, mutat res also work to actively promote the IAP indie print book catalog female body to libraries.

There is no cost to you and you will receive royalties through this program as well. This program is open to any winners of contests through our network of Indie Author Project regional library partners and to other books that pass our curation and epsr process.

You must be indie-published female body have free and clear female body rights to your book in order to participate in the program. Participation in the Indie Author Project Library Print Editions program does not preclude you from continuing to sell, publish, distribute, and promote other female body of your book within and outside of the library market.

Want to share your book(s) with your library to help increase exposure and female body your readership. Female body also have the opportunity to submit to contests and get reviewed by our curation partners to become an Indie Author Project Select pick. Stay in-the-know and be a part of our Indie Author Project community by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.



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